To Kibble or not to Kibble?

Kibble diets are by and large the most common form of pet food. Kibble is convenient, long-lasting, and easy to store. While it is not the “perfect” diet for dogs and cats, a high quality meat-based kibble is a safe and healthy way to feed your pet. When choosing a kibble, beware of “gimmicks”. Breed-specific formulas, weight loss formulas, varying shapes and textures, and many other claims are usually marketing ploys. The proof is in the ingredient list and the integrity of the manufacturer.


  • Convenient. Easy to serve and store. Requires no extra precautions or refrigeration.
  • Longer shelf life. Can be purchased in larger quantities meaning less trips to the store.


  • Low moisture content. Not enough moisture means dogs and cats must drink more. This can be particularly difficult to accomplish for cats.
  • Higher carbohydrate content. The processing of kibble requires a “binder” – to hold the bits of food together. This requires are starch of some kind, which means it has a higher carb content than other foods.