If your dog is so terrified of grooming that drugs must be administered, it would be better if you took your dog to a veterinarian. Not only is it less dangerous for our groomers (dog bites hurt!), your vet can look for underlying problems and monitor your pet's vitals while sedated. It is also worth mentioning that we may not be able to finish dogs who are overly agitated or very aggressive. We will call you to pick up your dog early if this is the case.

The Zymox treatment is a grooming add-on for dogs with skin that is in very poor shape. It is a two step process with a powerful enzymatic shampoo and conditioner that will not only ease itchy and sore skin, but also create a barrier to protect the skin for up to a week. Does not contain harsh detergents, steroids, or petroleum by-products.

We do not do a traditional "dip". We use a flea shampoo that will kill what is on your dog but doesn't offer any residual. You will need to treat your dog with your preferred method at least 24 hours but no later than 48 hours after his grooming.

Generally the answer is yes, although it depends on the severity and location of the matting. It is easier on your dog to clip under the mats and start fresh.

Generally groomings take 3 - 5 hours, depending on the flow of traffic during the day, as well as the condition and temperament of your individual dog. We will schedule a pick-up time with you when you drop your dog off.

Young puppies should be vaccinated according to your veterinarian's protocol. We require proof of rabies vaccine for all dogs we groom. Arkansas state law requires rabies vaccination, given by a licensed veterinarian, for all dogs and cats beginning at 4 months of age. Shots given at home will not be accepted.

We offer two basic services, a "Bath and Brush" and a "Full Grooming". If you want your dog to have a haircut all over its body (hair taken shorter on body) it is considered a full grooming. If you want your dog to just have his face, feet and sanitary area clipped then you are looking for a bath & brush. We do not do groomings without bathing the dog first, as it is necessary to force air dry the dog to ensure an even cut. For more information about Grooming vs. Bath, click here

Grooming prices are determined by the time it takes us to complete your dog's grooming. Size, coat texture, condition of the coat and temperament of the pet all factor into the time it takes. Therefore a very small dog in great shape (no tangles or parasites) who loves being groomed will generally cost the base price. However a small dog whose coat is tangled and who fights the entire grooming process will probably cost more. In the long run, regular groomings (every 4 weeks) end up being the most economical decision because we can keep the dog in good shape, and they also become accustomed to and accepting of the grooming process.

We don't offer boarding training, where you leave the dog for several weeks to be trained in-house. However we do offer day training service for special situations. Read more about it here.

Dogs who live outside are not good candidates for our training classes. Our method relies on the dog being a part of the pack “family” and outside dogs spend too much time away from the “family”.

If you believe your dog is aggressive - towards humans or other animals - you should schedule a consultation to determine whether or not your dog will benefit from our environment. It may be necessary for you to consult a behaviorist for severe problems.

Unfortunately, there is no class exclusively for house-training. We can offer you pointers and guidance, but the only fool-proof method of house-training your dog is 100% consistency and supervision.

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